Linea Light Group

О бренде Linea Light Group

История бренда Linea Light Group начинается в 1985 году. Именно тогда три известных в мире освещения компании — Minulamp, Eva Stampaggi и Linea Light объединились для создания общего бренда. С этого момента бренд постоянно развивается, предлагая требовательному рынку неизменно трендовые идеи и передовые исследовательские разработки. Еще одним неизменным отличием бренда было и остается тесное взаимодействие […]


О бренде Terzani

Команда Terzani – это коллектив опытных профессионалов своего дела. Талантливые и, определенно, одаренные люди ежедневно создают новые формы, реализуя самые неожиданные идеи в жизнь и самые лучшие из них предлагая своим клиентам. История бренда – это не прекращающийся поиск новых решений – от способов производства светильников до их дизайна. Каждый светильник бренда – это ручная […]

Written by Noriaki «Tite» Kubo

Femme Fatale: Angelique, again. Written by Noriaki «Tite» Kubo, Bleach starts off as a quirky Urban Fantasy action comedy, but soon becomes a much more standard Sh Fightin’ Anime with the start of the Soul Society arc. When characters, particularly tough guys and girls, get large amounts of projectiles or weapons stuck in their body. […]

Bittersweet Ending: Hobo gives his life to kill Drake and

In one season three episode, after their brief affair, Chuny, speaking Spanish, more or less confirmed to another nurse that what they say about bald men is true and that all Mark Greene ever seemed to want was sex. Bittersweet Ending: Hobo gives his life to kill Drake and ensure that the citizens who have […]

Does This Remind You of Anything?: The movie was filmed just

The crew of the U 96 are fond of «It’s a Long Way to Tipperary», a World War I British soldier song, and audiences of the film will likely not forget the song in a hurry. Underestimation may cause a character’s weakness to be ignored; for example, a 99% evasion rate could make a Fragile […]

Arc Words: «Bad Wolf» from last season has apparently been

Cool Old Guy: He is over 70 now, did every possible drug in the world (except crack cocaine, which Richards hates and has no interest in trying) and still plays the meanest licks on stage. Arc Words: «Bad Wolf» from last season has apparently been scattered among the multiverse too; the bay where the […]

The nobles from the Lord Ruler’s time are still mostly in power

from the depths video game Oftentimes, be it a medieval setting or anything else where things we know about have no business existing, something abundantly familiar to our Replica Hermes Birkin modern audience is put forth as a Replica Handbags hypothetical. Later, his Knightmare Frame is armed with a FLEIYA, which he swears up […]

» Chloe encourages June to have a one night stand

Faux Affably Evil: Sid. If this is some new helmet interface upgrade, I bet the Soldiers are keeping it from us Scouts.. And Shampoo. Ancient civilization? Check. Justified, as he’s a grown man (albeit a particularly huge one) and she’s only 14. This is actually my third crack at writing this remake of my first […]

They’ve been best friends since at least the fifth grade

Now, during the day, he works at the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics uncovering the secrets of the Pandora’s Box, while in his «downtime» he fights the monsters, turning them back to their human form, in hopes of finding clues to his past. Childhood Friends: Cerdic Warburton and Mort Weinerman are revealed to have […]

Fantasy Gun Control: Averted when the Wizard introduces

Midway, which wanted a sequel to Pac Man and couldn’t wait for Namco to make one, bought the rights to Crazy Otto and changed it to Ms. Fantasy Gun Control: Averted when the Wizard introduces flintlock muskets and pistols to Oz. Dirty Coward: Tavion, who begs for her life after being defeated and runs off, […]